Thoughts About the SCOTUS Leak Regarding Roe v. Wade

Last night, as we sat and admired the gorgeous, insane, ostentatious, and incredible couture gowns worn by female celebs at the Met Gala, our Supreme Court was secretly conspiring to remove the rights of those and all other women across the country that our mothers and grandmothers fought so hard to give us.

While the infamous point of Roe v. Wade is access to legal abortions, it is really about a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, safety, reproductive health, and ability to make choices about her body that are no one’s business but hers (and her doctor’s). The fact that these rights can so easily and casually be stripped away is beyond appalling and disgusting to me.

Where Are We Now?

I don’t think anyone is “Pro-Abortion”; no woman WANTS to have one (it’s usually because it outweighs the alternative), abortions are not something painless or enjoyable, nor is it an easy decision for any woman to make, regardless of her circumstances. But if the goal is to end abortions, then the best solution is to PREVENT UNWANTED PREGNANCIES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • Reproductive education is key – it is actually pretty difficult to get pregnant. Outside of a couple of days per month, it is highly unlikely to get pregnant. If taught that growing up, along with various prevention methods, it could drastically reduce unintended pregnancies.
  • Birth control should be cheap/free and always available. There should be more birth control options for men than there were in the time of the ancient Romans. There should be so many options and access to those options that there is no reason NOT to use birth control unless actively trying to get pregnant.
  • We teach children in school what to do in the event of an emergency, a fire, an earthquake, and (sadly) a school shooting – but we don’t teach them what to do if an adult acts inappropriately towards them. Teach them what is ok and what is not, teach them that no one has a right to touch them in any way, and teach them what to do if someone tries. And if they speak up, believe them.
  • The consequences for rapists and child molesters should be swift and harsh enough that it prevents repeat offenders, and strongly deters any non-consensual acts due to the overwhelming fear of being caught and appropriately punished.
  • Many pregnancies are not unwanted but terminated because a woman doesn’t have the means to raise a child. Providing adequate maternity leave, subsidized/free child care, and making sure every woman has access to affordable health and prenatal care as well as other programs that help communities of young, single, and or financially-challenged women.

Coupled with unwanted pregnancy prevention, if the intent is to force women to carry a pregnancy to term, then make adoption less costly and difficult so the children given up by their mothers can have families and more chances at a happy life instead of bouncing around foster care, abused and feeling unloved their entire childhood.

If we believe a fetus at any stage is a human, then things like child support and life insurance should start at conception to help with the costs of bringing a child into the world. Women who have ectopic or unviable pregnancies should have the freedom and privacy to make the right decision for themselves and their families with their doctors and that should be no one else’s business, full stop.

But instead of trying to solve the root of the problem, trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place, or trying to make it easier for those that are pregnant and faced with a hard decision, our government wants to take away a woman’s right to make the best decision for herself, her body, her future and her life instead of any one of the above things that could be done.

How many women will be unknowingly sentenced to die from complications from a pregnancy she had long been hoping for, die of an infection from an illegal abortion, be forced to give birth to a child as a result of a horrifying experience, be faced with poverty because her birth control was only 98% effective and she was the unlucky 2% or murdered by partners who don’t want the child to be born?

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, it will be giving more power over a woman’s body to rapists and even complete strangers than to the woman herself. It will be the first time in American history that women’s rights will go BACKWARDS and the women of tomorrow will have fewer rights than the women of yesterday.

Where Are We Going?

Will having a miscarriage make a woman a murderer? Will a woman be sued for having a child with disabilities? Further restrictions on contraceptives because “it’s God’s will” if you get pregnant? Walking back on women’s right to vote?

I remember reading The Handmaid’s Tale in school and thinking “phew, that’s a scary dystopian fiction and I’m glad that would never happen”. Reading it again recently I am seeing a lot of parallels to our society over the course of the past few years, and this only draws yet another parallel to a “fictional” nightmare.

This is not about being Pro-Life or allowing individual states to set their own laws; this is about power, this is about control, and this is setting women’s equality and rights back by decades. It is a sad, dark day for our country.

What Can We Do?

Stand up for your women and girls and their hard-earned rights:

  • Don’t make your daughters (or sons for that matter) hug or kiss anyone unless they want to. Stop teaching them to be nice – “NO” is a complete sentence
  • Speak up against the “boys will be boys” mentality rather than allowing the Brock Turners of the world to get off easy – Rape Culture needs to be a thing of the past
  • Teach your daughters about how their body works and what it means to have a baby
  • Teach your sons the responsibility that comes with having casual sex, pregnancy, and how to do their part to prevent an unwanted pregnancy
  • Call out inappropriate behavior when you see it in public
  • Get behind the programs that are genuinely Pro-Life and support healthy children and mothers like affordable health care, food assistance programs, child care, and scholarships
  • Reach out to your Senators about passing laws in favor of women’s reproductive rights, including access to abortions

Most importantly VOTE for candidates that believe women should have rights over their bodies; candidates that support affordable healthcare, reproductive rights, and equality.