How can I fix a high bounce rate on a transactional page?

There are a couple of quick optimizations to make on a page with a high bounce rate:

Add a CTA to the top of the page

Make sure every potential lead that lands on one of your transactional pages can quickly convert. If you don’t have a CTA at the top of your page, add one ASAP. And make sure it’s sticky so that it scrolls down as people read the content on the page.

Give different options for users

You can help them out by providing some of that information up-front. Here’s an example from our PPC Services landing page:

People may not be ready to convert the first time they land on one of your transactional pages. They may need a bit more time, or information, before they make a decision.

You can see our “Let’s Get Started” CTA at the top of the page, a form to sign up for a free consultation, and a link to a case study. By being overly helpful, we increase the odds someone converts on this landing page.

Make it clear what you’re offering

Sometimes transactional pages are bogged down with so much marketing jargon that it isn’t clear what a company is offering.

Don’t be one of these companies.

Identify the problem your products/services solve for potential customers. Again, an example from our PPC Service landing page:

What do we offer? A scientific approach to PPC that increases your ROI. How do we do it? The steps are outlined right below the value proposition. What we offer, and how we do it, is clear.