How do I write my emails?

Your email copy is important. From your subject line to your offer to your body copy to your CTA, every word you use needs to be clear, concise, and drive subscribers to take an action. Here’s what you need to know about writing email marketing copy.

How do I write a subject line?

This is the first thing a recipient sees when an email arrives in their inbox.

  • Keep it under 59 characters
  • Use actionable language
    • “Open to get your special discount code”
    • “Download our free e-book”
    • “Take 10% off when you book direct”
  • Use urgency when appropriate in subject lines to create a need for readers to click through and convert
    • “Deal ends soon”
    • “Valid until September 30th”
    • “Special code expires soon”
    • “Flash sale”
  • Personalize subject lines when possible
  • Prioritize clarity over catchiness
How do I write email copy?
  • Email copy should be clear, concise, and digestible
    • You have a limited amount of time to hook your reader. Don’t waste it
    • Focus on the benefits a reader will reap from the email
  • Links should be frontloaded in email sends
    • This enhances CTR. Links can be lost when placed below the fold
How do I write calls-to-action?
  • CTAs should appear above the fold
  • Make CTA unique and fun to entice click-throughs
How do I use images?
  • Use high-quality images in email sends
  • Low-quality images will cause readers to click out of an email, delete it, and unsubscribe. We want to prevent this from happening
What should my email cadence be?

Establish an email cadence for each type of send.

As-needed sends:
  • Special offers
    • Should have urgency embedded in their send plan:
      • 2 sends for 3-day offers (at the start and Final Hours)
      • 3 sends for 5-day offers (at the start, 3rd day, and Final Hours)
    • Newsletter signups
      • Personalized confirmation when a website visitor signs up for your newsletter
    • Gated content downloads
      • Personalized confirmation is triggered when a website visitor submits their email to download a piece of gated content
    • Free trial signups
      • Personalized email triggered when someone signs up for a free trial
    • Email opt-in confirmation
      • Confirmation when a customer signs up to receive regular email correspondence
With a cadence:
  • Monthly newsletter
    • Once a month, at the end of the month
      • Summary of content that was released over the month, with links to read full pieces