What are some examples of social media strategies?

You don’t need to sign up for every social media channel. Depending on your goals, your industry, and what you plan to share, you’ll find some platforms are better than others. Let’s run through a couple of popular social media channels and talk about what you should share on each.


Videos are the most popular type of Facebook post, followed by images. All of your how-to videos should be shared on Facebook, along with videos of user reviews, and any webinars you host. Try not to post only text. Make sure every Facebook post has a link to a blog or an accompanying image to increase engagement.


Instagram should be for Images and videos only. Infographics, snippets of how-to videos,  images of customers using and enjoying your product/service, and behind-the-scenes photos of your company and employees. Leave the blog post promotion for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Share your high-level content here. White papers, industry data, survey data. LinkedIn is where you establish your industry knowledge and expertise.


Twitter should be your catch-all platform. Every one of the above strategies can be used on this channel. Make sure to research relevant hashtags and add at least three in each post.