What are some SEO solutions for faceted navigation?

Solution 1: Using “Noindex, follow”

Probably the first solution that comes to mind would be using noindex tags. A noindex tag is used for the sole purpose of letting bots know to not include a specific page in the index. But the problem is we’re still wasting crawl budget. Just because a page isn’t indexed doesn’t mean it isn’t crawled.

Solution 2: Canonicalization

Many sites approach this issue by using canonical tags. With a canonical tag, you can let Google know that in a collection of similar pages, you have a preferred version that should get credit. But you still run into the issue of wasting crawl budget.

Solution 3: Avoiding the issue altogether

If we could avoid this issue altogether, we should do that. But if you’re in the process of building (or rebuilding) your header, navigation, or website, consider building your faceted navigation in a way that limits the URL being changed. This is commonly done with JavaScript. Just make sure you have pages that can be indexable for key combinations that drive revenue. 

Remember, potential customers from SEO convert 14x more than any other channel. So we don’t want to cut that out. So you’ll need to manually ensure that you have indexable landing pages for key product combinations. Often including an HTML sitemap in the website with those key pages will help in getting them indexed.