What is schema and why is it important?

Schema is a method of visualizing database information. For digital marketing, schema tells search engines who your business is, what your business does, what your business sells, and who your business caters to.

Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines will tell you how amazing their algorithms are, how much information they can glean from your website, and how well they can use that information to rank your website.

Digital marketers know that the search engines aren’t fully able to do everything they claim. Adding schema to your website helps fill in a lot of the gaps search engines can miss.

Let’s take a look at an example of how adding schema helped a client.

When we first partnered with the company to work on their digital marketing, Google thought they were a motorhome company. They’re an AI investment company.

Not even close, Google.

But, we knew we had a single goal to start with: get Google to recognize them as an AI investment company. Using schema, we built a “neural network” of understanding between the parent company and its subsidiaries. 

Turns out our strategy worked! We increased their rich snippets by 145% overall, with a 50% growth in rich snippets around “hyperpersonal” wealth management keywords and phrases.