What is the best way to build my social media strategy?

Build your social media strategy based on the buying cycle:

Awareness – At this stage, people are just getting to know your brand and what products, services, and/or solutions you offer.

Engagement – This is where your potential customers consider using your products/services/solutions. They engage with your blog. They download your white papers and case studies. They read reviews. They sign up for your newsletter. They request a free trial.
Conversion – After learning about your brand and engaging with your company, they’re ready to buy.

Your social media posts need to be planned out. Otherwise, you’re sending content into the ether and you’ll see poor results. You also need to make sure you’re providing your social media followers with valuable content.


Post types:

  • Customer reviews
  • 3rd party product comparisons
  • New company hires
  • Press interviews
  • How-to videos
  • Behind-the-scenes photos

Post types:

  • Blog post promotion
  • Free trial codes
  • Newsletter promotion
  • New product launches
  • Contests
  • Webinar promotion

Post types:

  • Special deals
Content Curation

Along with all of the above content, you need to make sure you’re sharing content that isn’t brand-specific. Your followers will tune out if everything you share is about your company. Share industry news from a 3rd party source or major publication. Participate in a popular hashtag on Twitter. Make sure to fill your feed with more posts about others than you do about your company. It’ll keep your followers engaged and coming back.