What is the length of your contracts?

We have two contract types:


Our month-to-month contracts are great for early-stage startups and small businesses.

As an early-stage startup, your duty is to gain as much traction, buzz, and initial market interest in your product/service as possible on a limited budget. You need a nimble marketing team that can quickly pivot strategies based on your latest data. Sometimes that means being able to pivot from SEO-led tactics to PPC-led tactics.

This is easy to do with month-to-month contracts. If you need SEO services in June and PPC in July, we can switch.

These types of contracts are also great for small businesses that need some short-term marketing help. If you’re launching a new product, maybe you need an agency to help you ideate and execute a go-to-market strategy for a quarter. Again, that’s easy to do with our month-to-month contracts.


Some partners want (and need) the flexibility of month-to-month contracts. For others, they need the stability that long-term contracts offer. Some partners want to see long-term marketing plans that reach a large target goal.

We introduced our 12-month contracts to offer that stability for our partners.

While they aren’t as nimble as our month-to-month contracts, they don’t need to be. They need to be solid documents that outline the expectations and performance goals that both parties want to achieve.