Why is SEO important?

The whole goal of search engine optimization is to get people what they want. A great example is Homer Simpson – obsessed with donuts – who would use search engines to find the nearest donut shop. And if you so happened to have a donut shop, you’d definitely want a customer like Homer.

So what do you have to do to leverage SEO to get your donut shop in front of Homer? Great question. Here, SEO can be broken down into four basic components:

Access: This is all the stuff you need to do to make sure the search engines can get to all the parts of your website you want them to look at.

Indexing: Once search engines get to your content, you want them to be able to read it properly.

Authority: Once the search engines can read your website and webpages, you want to create authoritative content. That means using the same phrases your target customers use and giving them the best experience, and information, possible.

Popularity: Share your authoritative content with influencers, experts, and others in your niche. If they like it, they’ll provide a backlink to your website when they share, quote, or talk about your content. Search engines use these backlinks as a ranking factor – meaning they’ll look at how many quality websites are linking back to you. So the more popular your website, the higher the chance it has to rank well.

Essentially SEO is all about getting someone like Homer in front of what he truly wants. Donuts. YOUR donuts.