SEO for financial services

We help financial service companies generate leads and scale revenue with search engine optimization (SEO).


Increase in company revenue

(and a 2x valuation)

Take the right approach to SEO for the finance industry

SEO for financial services is a different beast. According to Google, any page that could have an impact on the user’s current or future well-being (health, financial, safety, etc.) is vetted more carefully for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (“EAT” in the SEO world). Financial services websites, including those covering banking, investment, insurance, and personal finance fall under the “Your Money, Your Life” umbrella.

Content performance from
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Niki Mosier

Head of SEO at AgentSync

The content Crunchy Links has helped us compile for our website has lead to exponential growth in search visibility for a wide variety of keywords and a large number of URLs with FAQ’s visible in the search results pages.

Our recipe for success


Search Engine Access

Strong (and fast) performance of your website is vital to driving organic traffic from SEO. The first step? Making sure search engines can access every page you want on your website. (If Google can’t get to your web page, it can’t feature it).


Search Engine Indexing

Once search engines get to your page, can they read the content on it? You’d be surprised how many website builders don’t take this into consideration. Client side vs. server side rendering, schema, internal linking, and frontend code all play a role. 


Search Engine Authority

Subject mater experts are pivotal for SEO for financial services. This is where “EAT” comes in. All content needs to be created by an authoritative and trustworthy source. PRO TIP: If you’re creating blog content, make sure you have an author page with bonafides (resume, experience, etc.)


Search Engine Popularity

You’ve probably heard about link building. Here’s the inside secret – a lot of the “slick oil salesman” reputation SEO gets comes from link building schemes. The good news? Link building can be done naturally – a good PR firm, incredibly useful content, and some social media management will take care of this for you. Our goal at Crunchy Links is to make sure you have a healthy backlink profile. We don’t actively build links. 

Use a scientific approach to content marketing

Establish Goals

Focus on mapping marketing strategies to the customer journey and business goals

Leverage Data ​

Utilize data to develop marketing strategies and grow profits

Segmented Ads​

Utilize proprietary techniques and create A/B tests to show proven success.

Continuous Testing​

Consistently test to generate highest possible ROI.

Performance Reporting

Utilize proprietary techniques and create A/B tests to show proven success.

Performance Reporting

Transparent reporting and regular strategy calls

Establish Goals

Map SEO marketing strategies to your business goals

Leverage Data

Utilize data to develop SEO strategies

Segmented Ads

Utilize proprietary techniques that grow profits

Continuous Testing

Consistently test SEO strategies to generate highest possible ROI.

Report Performance

Transparent reporting and regular strategy calls

Custom dashboards for any channel

Focused on revenue

Crunchy Links focuses on real financial impact of all marketing strategies.

Analyze on the go

Get reports directly on your phone or in your mail box. Your choice.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support is available whenever you need it. Slack, Asana, Email, Crunchy Links has you covered wherever you go.

Capture all traffic sources

Know where all your potential customers come from. Connect to any Google property, Hubspot, Salesforce, you name it.

Transparency in all we do.

Revenue-focused reporting 

Daily collaboration through a private Slack channel

Transparent project management with Monday

Month-to-month contracts

Into crypto and blockchain?

So are we. We couple data analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to unearth SEO strategies that’ll move the needle and generate revenue.

Common questions about SEO for finance companies

Absolutely. The largest finance companies invest over $1million a year in SEO.  The right (executed) SEO strategy can drastically increase stable revenue and lower your blended Cost Per Lead. The idea is to be where your customers are looking. Right now that’s with Google.

SEO is very advantageous for banks because it can generate more leads, build trust, and bring more customers through your doors. 

If you’re looking to increasing loan applications, SEO can play a major role in finding you the right applicants with proper keyword targeting.

Build trust with your audience. Allow customers to review their experience and display the results on your website. If you use schema markup, Google may feature your reviews right on their results pages. Also  make sure to align your content to match the needs of your target audience. Find out what they’re searching for and address those concerns.

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