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Get marketing strategies that actually work for growing cbd startups​





Get marketing strategies that actually work for growing cbd startups

64 %
Boost in Traffic

Leveraging technical SEO and content development written by industry experts netted one customer 64% growth in traffic. 

160 %
Boost in revenue

Generate more revenue by targeting the right people in the right moments. Work around contsraints in the CBD industry with affiliate, SEO, LinkedIn ads, and email marketing.

We provide custom marketing solutions for CBD startups at every stage of growth.

Get your website optimized for all search engines. Each SEO strategy covers at minimum 50k keywords and over 1 million lines of data before we even start. 

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • SEO-Friendly Content
  • Monthly and Quarterly Audits
  • Schema Development
  • Monthly Reporting

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CBD startups deal with more regulations and limitations than almost any other industry. But even with these limitations, there are still ways to leverage social ads and PPC strategies to generate revenue. 

PRO-TIP: Find where your audience is paying attention. Then get in front of them.  

What PPC Services include:

  • Personalized messaging
  • Target audience generation
  • Retargeting & look alike audience creation
  • Sales funnel optimization  

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Offset the risk inherent in PPC marketing and directly increase company revenue by using  affiliate marketing.

  • Only pay when a user becomes a customer
  • Scale as fast or as slow as you want
  • Control the messaging, narrative, and your ROI

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Work with our brand and experiences finance content specialists to create engaging descriptions that will transform visitors into dedicated customers, while capturing the heart of who you are as a brand. 

  • Topic Research
  • Brand Consultation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO-Friendly Content
  • Full Content Team (Including Editors)
  • Industry Experts

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Keep your audience engaged. Don’t let the hard work you’ve put in to generate sales and contacts go to waste. 

Email is the marketing channel with the least restrictions for CBD startups looking to market their products. 

Work with our email engagement specialists to develop a plan to help each visitor transform into a customer. 

  • Content calendar creation
  • Sequence creation
  • Engagement tracking
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion optimization 

Lean on our 25 years of marketing expertise to push your brand to the next level. Strategy sessions include: 

  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Influencer Research
  • Product Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Much More

CBD marketing done right.

Unique Strategies

With limited marketing channels available to you, it’s crucial you use the ones you can. Our multichannel marketing strategies take into account industry regulations, available marketing channels, and your current marketing data. We craft targeted campaigns and tactics based on your goals.

White glove treatment, inhouse support

We’ll make sure to include the highest level of customer support, transparency, and personally get to know your organization’s stakeholders. We’ve got your back.

How do you promote CBD?

We know how difficult it is to market your CBD products: stringent ad policies and state and local regulations limit paid advertising and growth opportunities.

Here's how to promote your CBD products in 2020

The foundation

  1. Discover your true competitors 
  2. Identify target keywords
  3. Find CBD influencers 
  4. Set up campaign tracking 


  1. Create your content engine
  2. Optimize for SEO and conversions
  3. Test messaging and targeting
  4. Amplify winners with native and LinkedIn ads

Driving revenue

  1. Set up community management 
  2. Scale your affiliate programs
  3. Re-engage potential customers with email marketing
  4. Focus on impact reporting

Channels: SEO, Email 

Channels: SEO, Email, SEM

Channels: SEO, Email, SEM, Affiliate

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