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The Legal Marijuana Industry is Rigged

The legal marijuana industry is so flush with cash, by 2030 you could buy the New York Mets 13x with how much the industry would be worth (Hint: $30 billion). But the legal marijuana industry is also rigged. And you’re getting played by it.

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How do you manage family time?

When the kids were born, I was working multiple jobs – I had my normal day job, then a startup on the side. When it had just been us, I could work wherever, whenever. But with kids, time became a bigger issue. I only saw the kids for max an hour a day. I hated it.

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What to do when someone’s been abused at work

Beyond those basics lie the real question. Do your employees feel safe?

Most CEO’s would assume “yes,” but that might not be the case. Emotional toxicity doesn’t always reach the executives because it’s hard to prove, and there’s a stigma around being the one to report it.

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Jack Treseler Depression

My Battle with Depression

I never thought I’d ever be a victim of this. And saying the word “victim” out loud (or rather writing it down) gives me mixed emotions. On one hand, it makes me uncomfortable. Because I don’t feel in control. And I should be. On the other hand, it’s the only thing that stops me from beating up on myself and spiraling into a self-hating tizzy.

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How to drive sales with Instagram

But why is it that Instagram could be the next big Business Development tool for Sales Executives to use? It also might have to do with the fact that there are 800 million members on Instagram, and 80% of them follow at least one brand, meaning they’re willing to interact with businesses in a way other platforms just don’t provide.

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