Get loans to those who need them

The Goal

Tifin.com had a minimal operating budget, but needed to dominate their branded search results. So they worked with Crunchy Links to increase their overall presence on search results with Schema.

+ 591%

Organic clicks

+ 1076%

Organic impressions

Helping Google Know Your Brand

A limited budget hindered Tifin’s ability to do SEO, so we worked with them to get a custom package that leverages Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and some schema markup magic to help drive clicks and impressions.

Our Process

By leveraging our schema technology, we were able to deploy structured data right to their website. No developers or IT professionals needed.

The Nitty gritty

By leveraging Google Tag Manager and dynamic JSON schema markup for important pages on site, we were able to teach Google more about this fintech startup. This focus allowed us to position existing FAQs, blogs, and service level landing pages to help drive individuals, brokers, business owners and banks needing assistance to the site. Ultimately we were able to see a significant increase in clicks and impressions both year-over-year, and quarter-over-quarter.

Flexibility. Hustle. Purpose.