Crunchy Links Wins Alignable’s Local Business Person of the Year in 2024!

The Alignable Business Person of the Year Awards are in! Because of our clients’ votes, we are proud to announce that Rob DeMille of Crunchy Links has won Alignable’s Local Business Person of the Year for 2024. We’re incredibly grateful to all our loyal customers for making us the local business person of the year in the Chicago area!

About The 2024 Alignable Local Business Person of the Year Contest

What is the Local Business Person of the Year contest?

Alignable’s Local Business Person of the Year contest is an annual competition that celebrates and recognizes outstanding small business owners across North America.

The winners are determined by popular vote from members of the Alignable business networking platform.

How does it work?

  • Nominations: Alignable members can nominate other members they believe exemplify great leadership and community involvement. Members can also self-nominate.
  • Voting: Alignable members cast their votes for the nominees they support.
  • Winners: The members with the most votes in each local community are declared the Local Business Person of the Year.

Key Points

You must be an Alignable member to either nominate or vote. The contest aims to boost visibility and recognition for deserving small businesses. Winners are typically those who are active in their communities and demonstrate strong business practices.

About the Alignable Business Community

Aignable’s mission is to empower small businesses to succeed by fostering a supportive and connected business community.

A Network for Small Business Owners

Alignable is a social networking platform specifically designed for small business owners to connect within their local communities.

A Focus on Relationships & Support

The platform emphasizes building genuine connections, getting referrals, exchanging advice, and finding trusted collaborators. It aims to move away from a focus on sales pitches and shallow networking.

A Growing Community

Alignable has an extensive network of over 8 million members across 35,000+ local communities in North America.

Alignable Local Business Person of the Year Award 2024