Technical SEO

Levelling Up Your Outdoor Gear

The Goal

Helping an outdoor clothing and gear marketplace rebuild organic traffic after a site update.



+ 34%

New Users

+ 52%

Assisted Conversions

Gearing Up for Pandemic Hobbies

A site overhaul during the pandemic shocked the domain and caused traffic to tank. By focusing on technical SEO we were able to bring Users, New Users, Sessions, Clicks, Impressions, and Goals up across the board.

The Nitty gritty

By leveraging technical SEO remediations (such as crawl issues, canonical issues, and cutting sitespeed focused code bloat) on over 300,000 pages, we were able to help this brand regain traffic that it had lost in the first several months after the site updates.

Though we were only able to work with the brand for 2 months before pausing due to unforeseen budgetary constraints, we were able to make a lasting impact that is still helping to grow traffic.

Flexibility. Hustle. Purpose.