AgentSync Launches Resource Center for Every State

No seriously... every state.

The Goal

AgentSync was looking to scale content development and compete with larger incumbent competitors who were in every state. So Crunchy Links’ goal was to focus on building out more optimized, hyper-localized content at scale to beat out the competition.  

+ 3.3k

Organic impressions

+ 50

All 50 states indexed and ranking within 30 days


Long tail, local keywords with high rankings

It's fun what machine learning can do.

Machine learning allowed us to quickly scale, automate, and optimize content for insurance carriers, agents, and MGAs in every state. 

Our Process

We focused primarily on what content would be most useful, then figured out how to crawl, scrape, and create the content at scale.

The Nitty gritty

We leveraged our FAQ generator, Python, and GPT3. First we crawled and indexed over 200 pages of content. Then we placed them in a single data layer for our FAQ Generator to do its magic. We ended up with 156 answers across 50 states (and territories).

Flexibility. Hustle. Purpose.

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