EasyKnock: Improving Net Revenue by 170%

The Goal

This loan origination company was looking to increase the efficiency of their ad spend, and bring in more loan applications at a more cost effective CPA. 

+ 170%

Net Monthly Revenue (after all expenses)

+ 41%

In sales-qualified leads

+ Sales exec's

They needed to hire more sales executives to keep up

It's fun what happens when you improve targeting

When diving into the data, we found close to $80k in wasted ad budget that sent traffic and leads that never passed sales qualification. 

Our Process

We first focused on reducing ad waste by removing ad targeting that wasn’t getting the job done. Then we dialed up the machine learning models, and lookalike audiences to drive better quality leads.

The Nitty gritty

When working with a lead based company, one of the most efficient ways to quickly generate high quality leads is to dive into sales data. When we took a look at the funnel we were able to segment persona types to target with lookalike audiences. From there, quality improved significantly. 

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