Driving value with content

The Goal – a home equity company-  wanted to educate its customer base on the largest asset that many homeowners have access to, yet never properly utilize: their homes. The problem? They were competing against a litany of large, incumbent, SEO driven companies that took up 90% of the online market share. Crunchy Link’s task was to create content that would fulfill their desire to educate customers, while also driving meaningful leads to the business, and begin taking market share away from these online content behemoths.

+ 312%

Non-branded traffic

+ 160%


Providing answers to real questions.

Data and testing is a part of everything we do. But when it comes to dealing with real people, 3rd party tools can only take you so far. 

Our Process

We focused primarily on what content was already driving traffic and conversions. By understanding what current customers found valuable, we’d be able to expand their content production in a direction that would have tangible results. 

The Nitty gritty

We leveraged content from multiple channels including: Direct Mail, PPC, Email, Social Media, and our own keyword research to find where competitors weren’t currently providing educational content, and added a flare of unique user experience to the content. This included web apps, images, and calls to action so the content felt more personalized and engaging. 

Flexibility. Hustle. Purpose.

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