Grating Pacific Gets More Customers for Drastically Less Money

The Goal

Grating Pacific saw the potential of how SEO and google ads could improve their lead quantity and quality, but wanted to figure out how best to take advantage of platform without wasting marketing budget. Crunchy Links took a look at their marketing campaigns to get rid of wasted spend and maximize their ROI. 

- 22%

Total marketing spend

+ 140%


Optimize, Question, Optimize
(The PPC Oreo Strategy)*

Data and testing is a part of everything we do. In this case we looked back beyond 10 years of PPC data to find trends and wasted spend. 

Our Process

First we focused our research on 10 years of ad history on keyword targeting, then expanded to CTA’s, ads, and quality scores. We then implemented new ads based on our research. 

The Nitty gritty

One of the main KPI’s we focused on was Cost per Conversion. From there, we were able to identify the specific ad campaigns under-performing. By focusing on their keyword targeting (and creating more granular ad groups  and targeting) we were able to improve the ROAS (return on ad spend). Afterwards, we focused on the calls to action (CTA’s) that performed best, and implemented more engaging content, which performed exponentially better than previous ads, improving the overall quality score and subsequently the conversion rates of the ads. 


*We totally made up this strategic name. It doesn’t actually exist. But we’re happy to do this same thing for your company!

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