Help with my loan launches new business app

The Goal

Help With My Loan was looking for more transactional lending leads from users searching for commercial, business, residential, and personal loans. They also were launching their new B2B app that helps both Brokers and Lenders serve their customers through a state-of-the-art app experience and were in-need of new B2B subscribers to adopt and leverage  this new technology.

+ 683%


+ 116%

Phone Calls


Cost Per Lead

How did Crunchy Links help?

By digging deep into historical data and deploying new bidding strategies and campaign structures, the team at Crunchy Links was able to resurrect past under-performing campaigns and keywords, resulting in incremental growth through forcing Google to find quality leads at a lower cost.

Our Process

By utilizing the latest best practices, implementing multi-channel marketing efforts, and split testing landing pages and bidding strategies, the Crunchy Links team was able to elevate the client’s exposure to a set of motivated consumers looking for various loan options while also growing B2B awareness and adoption of their newly-launched lending app.

The Nitty gritty

Once the Crunchy Links team began to see results from these launch strategies, we looked for opportunities to increase their exposure by expanding into new ad networks and promotional channels, implementing a variety of lookalike audiences to grow their target audience while keeping their strategy highly targeted and efficient. Through surgical segmentation and targeting, Crunchy Links grew both high-quality transactional and B2B app subscriptions at an efficient cost per lead for both audience segments.

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