Michelle Volz And Using Influencers For A Good Cause

The Goal

A local Utah artist named Michelle Volz saw the injustices that afflicted on people of color in the United States, and after seeing the death of George Floyd, decided she needed to send a message using her art. Crunchy Links wanted to help get the word out and spread her message of Black Lives Matter across Utah. 


People heard or saw the message

It's not about the money.

It’s about sending a message. 

Our Process

We thought Michelle’s message was so important, we wanted to make sure her voice was heard. Her primary presence was on Instagram, so we helped push that as the primary channel.

The Nitty gritty

We worked with influencers and ran social media campaigns to get the word out. Michelle was running an auction, with all the proceeds going to the NAACP. In the end, she ended up raising $610  for the NAACP. It was a nice bonus on top of the exposure we were both going for. 

20 micro – influencers posted about this

50 people participated in the project

2 State wide radio shows interviewed Michelle

1 piece ended up in state capital building in Utah

1 piece ended up in the BYU Counseling and Psych Department.  

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