Stop f***ing with your data.

And start analyzing it. 

Ok, you have some questions. We got answers.

What do you mean by "f***ing with my data?"

We mean what we said. Marketers and analysts spend way too much time futzing with data reporting tools with crappy UX and cleaning their data than they do analyzing and reporting. 

When you connect to our tool, the data is cleansed for you. All you need to do is use the drag-and-drop features to put your charts together. Badda bing, badda boom. You’re done. 

But what about Tableau or Google Data Studio?

Great question! If you like those tools, by all means. We use Google Data Studio too. But we also know how wonky the UX is on enterprise data visualization tools. It’s so bad, large companies will spend more than $125K a year just on a Tableau specialist. Startups and Agencies don’t have the time or cash to do that.  

What makes your tool different than Moz, SEMRush, or even Google Analytics?

 You can combine data from different sources that you just can’t in those tools. Want to know how website errors affect your overall revenue? Good luck getting that from out-of-the-box analytics tools. 

So what's the deal with requesting access?

We have gotten a ton of interest, and we love that. But we only have a limited number of seats to start out. If you really want in, let us know. 

And what type of data can I connect to?

Any Google property (Analytics, Ads, Search Console), Bing/Yahoo ads, Facebook, Twitter, Hubspot, SalesForce, affiliate networks, Quora, and website performance tracking tools. If there’s something you want to connect, let us know.