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Email Marketing Beginner’s Guide

Remember, iteration is important when it comes to email marketing. What works for one company won’t work for another. Keep testing your subject lines, your offers, and your CTAs to help produce the highest ROI you can.

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Paid Media

Paid Media Beginner’s Guide

It can be scary to manage paid media no matter if you have a thousand, a hundred thousand, or a million dollars of spend. No one wants to lose a single dollar of that budget. Paid media ROI, however, should be at least 2x of your spend. How do you make sure you get a 2x return on your investment? How do you make that 3x? 4x?

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Hotel sign

Beginner’s Marketing Guide for Hospitality

When you work in the hospitality industry, you care about booking guests. You want people staying in your hotel, eating at your restaurant, or both. If you’re a new property, or trying to diversify your marketing tactics, the biggest question is always, where do I start?

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Beginner’s Guide to Content

Creating and executing a content strategy should be focused on 2 things:
1. Your potential website visitors
2. Where they are in the buying cycle.

Once you understand who you are writing to and what they’re trying to accomplish, creating the content becomes a little easier.

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How Fintech Startups Can Rebound from COVID-19

Fundamental changes to our daily lives draw corresponding trends in media consumption that will continue to have a significant impact on digital marketing. The goal is to find the diamonds in the rough without the need to completely take a sledgehammer to your marketing efforts.

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how to market medical devices

How to Market Medical Devices Properly

In a modern-day hospital, there are several people involved in the decision of whether to purchase a new medical device, including nurse managers, surgeons, their support staff, and supply managers. When promoting more expensive and sophisticated equipment, it’s important for you to make your case to multiple stakeholders to persuade every involved party that the investment is worth it. Doctors, in particular, are so busy they have no time to see even additional patients, let alone talk to sales representatives. So with a market size of about $156 billion, how do you stand out? Internet marketing.

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