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How much does it cost to start a bakery business

Starting a bakery can be costly, from securing a lease to stocking up on high-quality ingredients. Not to mention hiring workers and buying (or leasing) commercial equipment. Bakery startup costs often range from $10,000 to $50,000.

That’s not to say you can’t make money if you do it right. The U.S. has around 6,000 retail bakeries with total annual revenue of approximately $3.8 billion, according to First Research.

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Best free tools for small business

Starting a small business can get expensive. So to help with that, we compiled a list of the best free tools (and resourcse) for small businesses to use. Everything here is either free permanently, or at least has a free trial so you can see what you like, and possibly shop around.

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How do you manage family time?

When the kids were born, I was working multiple jobs – I had my normal day job, then a startup on the side. When it had just been us, I could work wherever, whenever. But with kids, time became a bigger issue. I only saw the kids for max an hour a day. I hated it.

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How to write for SEO in 2019

Rule #1: Write for customers and people, not search engines and bots.

Rule #2: Know where search engines look to get good info.

Rule #3: Keywords and related topics matter, but see rule #1

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How much does SEO cost monthly?

SEO can be a tricky beast full of explanations like “it depends” and “well actually”. Even worse? It can be difficult to prove impact. Which makes budgeting for it even harder. What we’re going to do is break down what SEO costs and what you can expect to get depending on what you want to pay.

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SEO for Mechanics

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This basically means all you’ll be doing is getting your website set up so whenever someone asks Google (or Yelp, Siri, Bing, you name it) for a mechanic, your shop pops up among the top players.

To do that, there’s a few steps you need to take.

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How to find backlinks to my site

There are three tools that offer free service for finding links that link to your website. Using these tools is definitely the fastest way to find links. Each tool has a free and a paid version, and obviously you get way cooler stuff with the paid versions – but the free tools are still super useful for our purposes.

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What to do when someone’s been abused at work

Beyond those basics lie the real question. Do your employees feel safe?

Most CEO’s would assume “yes,” but that might not be the case. Emotional toxicity doesn’t always reach the executives because it’s hard to prove, and there’s a stigma around being the one to report it.

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Jack Treseler Depression

My Battle with Depression

I never thought I’d ever be a victim of this. And saying the word “victim” out loud (or rather writing it down) gives me mixed emotions. On one hand, it makes me uncomfortable. Because I don’t feel in control. And I should be. On the other hand, it’s the only thing that stops me from beating up on myself and spiraling into a self-hating tizzy.

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What is a micro influencer anyway?

Micro influencers have smaller followings (think 10,000 to 90,000 followers as opposed to hundreds of thousands). Micro influencers are often real people. Some charge between $200-$300 for an ad (depending on engagement) while others may not charge anything. Micro-influencers are commonly found on youtube, instagram, and snapchat.

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