The affiliate marketing agency dedicated to loan providers

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The affiliate marketing agency dedicated to loan providers

Come for the brand building, stay for the revenue.

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Why affiliate marketing?

Offset risk inherent in PPC marketing. Let affiliates take on the risk for you.

Only pay when a lead becomes a customer.

Scale as fast or as slowly as you want. 

Control the messaging, narrative, and your ROI

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate promotes your product

User converts into a customer

Conversion is tracked

You pay commission for the sale

How Crunchy Links handles FinTech affiliate marketing

We’ll research and discover influencers across multiple channels including: 

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs

We’ll determine the scope and type of campaign to run, KPIs to measure, and budget necessary for success

We’ll also set up proper tracking to measure KPI’s, including:

  • Revenue
  • Traffic
  • Conversion Rates

Once outreach begins for each campaign, we’ll focus on engaging with influencers and help build your affiliate network. 

We set each affiliate up for success, and continue to nurture the relationship to give both the advertiser and the affiliate the greatest opportunity for growth. 

We’ll track all necessary KPIs for performance and give you a dedicated dashboard with secure login to track success

Business Focused Reporting

Focused on Revenue

Crunchy Links focuses on real financial impact of social media marketing strategies.

all traffic sources

Know where all your potential customers come from.

Analyze on the Go

Get reports directly on your phone or in your mail box. Your choice.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support is available when you need.