The Greatest Nation is Donation

So, how hard is dat ‘Rona hitting you?

As an SMB, it’s hit me, and Crunchy Links, pretty hard. We started this agency in July of 2019, and have been building ever since. We finally got to a comfortable spot in January of this year and brought on a 3rd partner. We had a target annual revenue number we wanted to reach by December 2020. We wanted to create our own SaaS product.

Then came the week of March 16th, and dat ‘Rona smacked us upside the head. Two of our biggest clients halted all services immediately. Since we have month-to-month contracts, that meant finishing up our work and transferring everything over. Immediately.

That was a huge blow to our revenue, our plans, and our spirits. But, life goes on, and we have to continue to work hard. We’ve come too far to quit now, and there’s so much we can still do.

So What is Crunchy Links Doing?

You mean besides $**tting ourselves?

We’re still donating. This quarter we chose Full Cart as the Crunchy Cares organization to give back to. We wanted to help feed families who need a bit of extra help.

The last few days I’ve been listening to DJs like Wally Sparks, D-Nice, and QuestLove on Instagram Live to feel some sort of community, and to have a curated soundtrack for my day. I’ve been giving each one a bit of money for their time. I know they can’t go out and play shows. If they’re gonna entertain me, they deserve some money.

So What Can I Do to Help?

Honestly, whatever you want. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. No one should be bullied into handing out money if they don’t feel comfortable doing it.

But we don’t have to wait for the government to jump-start the economy if we’re willing to do a little bit ourselves.

  • If you order from UberEats, DoorDash, Drizzly or any other app or online, give a bigger tip than you normally would
  • Find places like Full Cart or the National Diaper Bank Network and give to make a pointed difference in people’s lives
  • Find local artists in your area who may be struggling and purchase their art. My tattoo artist, Sean Wick, is selling his art on Instagram to make some extra money while his shop is closed
  • Research causes you believe in and donate. Even if it’s just a dollar, it’s more than they had before you gave

We’re in this together. We may not be well off, we may not be able to give as much as we’d like. But we can still help. We can still find a dollar to give, we can still keep our economy going.

All we have is each other.