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We help fintech companies create compelling content that drives real results. Need thought leadership, knowledge centers, or blog posts? We got you.


Increase in Non-Branded Traffic

Our approach to content marketing

We create compelling and authentic content to help fintech and financial service companies connect with their audience on a deeper level. And we use big data, machine learning, and industry experts to do it. And guess what? It gets great results.

+ 100 %
Content performance from
our AI Platform

Niki Mosier

Head of SEO at AgentSync

The content Crunchy Links has helped us compile for our website has lead to exponential growth in search visibility for a wide variety of keywords and a large number of URLs with FAQ’s visible in the search results pages.

Our recipe for success


Scrape competitor data​

Use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to quickly generate content at scale. Our technology will cover over 100k lines of data including competitor websites and google search results.


Machine learning topic generation

We’ll use natural language processing. and machine learning to create questions and topics that search engines and customers will love. 


Finance experts write content

Subject mater experts will take the data from our technology and create authentic, compelling, and legally compliant content. Finance editors review the content, and then it’s passed on to your legal team for review. 

Use a scientific approach to content marketing

Establish Goals

Focus on mapping marketing strategies to the customer journey and business goals

Leverage Data ​

Utilize data to develop marketing strategies and grow profits

Segmented Ads​

Utilize proprietary techniques and create A/B tests to show proven success.

Continuous Testing​

Consistently test to generate highest possible ROI.

Performance Reporting

Utilize proprietary techniques and create A/B tests to show proven success.

Performance Reporting

Transparent reporting and regular strategy calls

Establish Goals

Map content marketing strategies to your business goals

Leverage Data

Utilize data to develop content topics

Segmented Ads

Utilize proprietary techniques and create content that grows profits

Continuous Testing

Consistently test to generate highest possible ROI.

Report Performance

Transparent reporting and regular strategy calls

Custom dashboards for any channel

Focused on revenue

Crunchy Links focuses on real financial impact of all marketing strategies.

Analyze on the go

Get reports directly on your phone or in your mail box. Your choice.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support is available whenever you need it. Slack, Asana, Email, Crunchy Links has you covered wherever you go.

Capture all traffic sources

Know where all your potential customers come from. Connect to any Google property, Hubspot, Salesforce, you name it.

Transparency in all we do.

Revenue-focused reporting 

Daily collaboration through a private Slack channel

Transparent project management with Asana

Month-to-month contracts

Into crypto and blockchain?

So are we. We leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency experts in creating your content. We couple that with data analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to unearth stories your readers will love.

Common questions about content marketing for finance companies

Absolutely. Find out what problems your audience has, then answer their questions. The more you spread your expertise through query-answering content, the more people will trust and interact with your brand. We’ve found that content plays a heavy hand in convincing readers to become customers. 

By basing content you create off of what customers are asking, customers will view you as an authority, and trust your brand. In turn, they’ll become paying customers and if your content resonates, refer you new business. Basically, well written content can increase leads by up to 160% and lower your blended cost per acquisition (CPA) – so leads become cheaper. 

Absolutely. Potential customers rely on search engines to help answer their financial questions. These are the people you want to get in front of. The key is to unearth topics people care about that competitors are missing. That’s where data scraping and machine learning help. 

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